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Before it all began, an ominous light had crackled through the sky, everything was silenced, and vision had become a blur of a natural colorless aura. after several moments it'd become apparent that the light, it had formed something inscrutable, impossible. a new world.

Atka was the given alias of the developing land, however is your heart wild enough to venture in depth, and discover the mysteries of the new land? will you be brave enough to endure the unpredictable climates of this forming era?

The best question of all is can you survive?

I know we have a pretty lame background right now but our team is working to their very hardest at this moment to get this chatland active and ready for the usage of you and your friends. We added multiple rooms recently! Bought many pose sets as well! We'll have easter eggs and surprises coming soon from our event committee ;) ~Keep an eye out!

Now accepting administration applications on http://www.AtkaChatlands.forumotion.com

Updated 4.13.15 ~ Ghoulish :3

Working hard for your pleasure!

Any questions about joining our team message Ghoulish or kik: Jasminetheslushy

Relax and enjoy the music!

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